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Our Vision

As the nucleus for the growing "AI in product creation" ecosystem, the AI Marketplace supports the development of new AI solutions via its digital platform - transparently, fairly and trustworthily.

This can only succeed if trust and partnership-based action are also transferred to the digital world. Only in this way can we ensure that the necessary data basis for AI applications is created. In this regard, the AI Marketplace relies on certified standards that ensure data sovereignty and at the same time form the basis for fair cooperation. Each participant should share appropriately in the success of the ecosystem. In this context, we rely on a successive expansion of the functionalities - starting with an intelligent matchmaking service, to a protected data room, to a marketplace for AI applications and AI building blocks. The AI Marketplace supports all players in the ecosystem with needs-based solutions and links to the entire R&D value chain to transfer basic research into application.

Our Mission

The use of artificial intelligence can significantly increase the quality and efficiency of product development processes in product creation processes. Whether an automation of technology scouting or the optimization of design data - the potentials of artificial intelligence in product creation are varied.

Our ecosystem provides Artificial Intelligence for engineering work, and thereby revolutionizes product creation.

Product creation is the driving force behind product innovation in Germany and was responsible for sales of around €710 billion in 2015. AI can help improve this product emergence: development capacities are increased while development times can be reduced. In addition, product creation is crucial for subsequent production costs, which can also be reduced with the aid of artificial intelligence. But manufacturing companies often lack the resources and expertise to use AI profitably for themselves. The solution providers, on the other hand, simply do not have access to customers or the necessary domain knowledge. To successfully bridge the gap between product development and artificial intelligence, the players need to unite and work together on new solutions. Especially medium-sized companies are increasingly falling behind in the innovation competition. To reverse this trend, innovation performance must be sustainably strengthened. Therefore, tapping the potential of artificial intelligence for product creation is essential. This is precisely where we are starting with the AI Marketplace by creating a platform for suppliers and consumers and supporting small and medium-sized enterprises in particular in making artificial intelligence usable for themselves.

Platform Stages

Intelligente Partnervermittlung

Intelligent matchmaking

The AI Marketplace connects manufacturing companies and artificial intelligence experts to work together on AI applications for product creation: Join us to find a partner for AI in product creation!

Geschützter Datenraum für die Produktentstehung

Protected data space for product creation

The AI Marketplace provides a protected data space for development and test data in order to continuously improve AI applications and adapt to customer needs: Trust our high security standards and use our protected data room!

App Store: KI-Anwendungen in der Produktentstehung

App Store: AI applications in product creation

The AI Marketplace is the central exchange point for AI applications in product development: Discover our diverse offerings or offer your own AI applications or services!

Baukasten für KI in der Produktentstehung

Building blocks for AI in product creation

The AI Marketplace offers standardized AI building blocks, that can be combined as needed and used to develop new solutions: You too can use the potentials of Artificial Intelligence for your products.

Insights from Practice

Armin Hagemeier, Co-Founder of Hadoco on the opportunities for start-ups in the AI marketplace.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Volker Lohweg, Institute for Industrial Automation Technology, on the benefits of a platform for the exchange of data and algorithms.

Dr. Christian Dülme, Business Development Manager at Weidmüller, on the importance of transparency and interoperability.