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Potential Analysis

Do you know the possibilities for artificial intelligence in your company?

Potential Analysis - What is it?

Awareness of the importance of artificial intelligence (AI) is growing. The decisive factor here is the development of new analysis approaches, the increasing availability of data and more powerful hardware. This enables AI applications that have the potential to fundamentally change the way we do business. For manufacturing companies, the use of artificial intelligence in product development in particular offers a wide range of opportunities and can, for example, lead to an increase in development capacities or a shortening of development cycles.

In order to open up these possibilities, the AI ​​marketplace offers on-site potential analysis, with which we identify and evaluate possible uses for artificial intelligence in a structured manner. As a result, you will receive concrete AI use cases for your company, including tips for implementation. Contact us, to receive your individual potential analysis.

Identify challenges

Receive valuable expert feedback on the specific potential benefits of AI in your product development.

Check feasibility

It will then be examined which challenges can be addressed by AI processes. For this we use our AI solution classes.

Carry out a benefit assessment

If a challenge is addressed by an AI method, an AI potential results. These are analyzed with regard to the benefit for your company.

Unlock potential

The prioritized potentials are processed and recommendations for action for the development of the determined potentials are worked out together with you.

Were we able to arouse your interest?

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