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About us

Artificial intelligence (AI) is an important key to innovative product creation processes. Product creation is a central task in manufacturing companies: The share of software is constantly increasing in the digital change and makes the products more and more complex. More than ever before, development requires the combined expertise of different disciplines. AI applications open up far-reaching potential for optimizing processes and increasing the performance of manufacturing companies. Specifically, development capacities can be increased and development times and subsequent manufacturing costs reduced. However, the necessary AI expertise is often missing. Providers of AI solutions often lack access to. An AI platform should be the solution.

The AI Marketplace creates a unique ecosystem that brings together AI experts, vendors and users to tap the full potential of artificial intelligence. The AI Marketplace is a platform that provides a space for secure data exchange and data sovereignty in addition to an intelligent matching of AI service providers and companies. In the future, an app store for AI solutions and a range of comprehensive AI solutions based on a modular principle will be added. Through the “plug and play” principle, small and medium-sized enterprises should be able to compile AI applications themselves and integrate them into their processes without having to hire a service provider.

The project consortium of research institutions, networks and companies would like to support especially small and medium-sized enterprises in using artificial intelligence for their product development. The AI Marketplace makes an important contribution to securing the competitiveness of industry and significantly increasing Germany’s global visibility in the field of artificial intelligence.