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Intelligent Product Monitoring


Extraction and processing of product information, especially the recognition of product properties and their evaluation in texts.


Research and development of an AI-supported monitoring of online content, especially for product monitoring.

Added value

Analyzed customer feedback for the development of future product generations.

Since 2011, Ubermetrics Technologies GmbH has been developing the highly scalable text mining and media monitoring software Delta as Software-as-a-Service for customers worldwide. This technology converts publicly available content and data into meaningful insights for effective communication strategies.

However, the analysis of this content is complex and presents the company with various challenges: for example, relevant text sources should be automatically recognized in the future and an accurate method for text extraction should be selected. Product references, product assessments and product properties should also be automatically recognized and the evaluation of the significance of customer feedback should be automated.

Online content monitoring with AI

The aim of the project by Ubermetrics Technologies GmbH is therefore an AI-supported monitoring of online content, especially for products. For this purpose, Ubermetrics is further developing a tool for AI-based text analysis in such a way that it enables the user to provide product-related feedback. For this purpose, not only existing processes are further developed, but also completely new processes are implemented, such as the automated recognition of product properties.

The project work will result in the creation of software for product monitoring as an independent product or as a new functionality of an existing product. Ubermetrics will also use these software experts as an AI provider make it available to the AI ​​marketplace.