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Intelligent Product Monitoring

The Berlin-based company Ubermetrics is working on AI-supported product monitoring. The vision is to provide companies with an AI application that extracts and analyzes relevant product information from unstructured texts. The user receives information about how existing and new products are perceived by customers in order to identify requirements for new product ideas and to estimate market opportunities. Furthermore, the chances of success of the product should be optimized by informing the user about possible competing products and their public feedback.

In the course of product development, engineers can use the knowledge gained from this to develop future product generations, thereby increasing the product’s market opportunities. For manufacturing companies, non-public text sources such as complaint e-mails, service reports or complaint reports are also analyzed for this purpose. For example, the aim is to determine which product component frequently causes irritation among customers.

For this project, Ubermetrics is further developing its AI-based approach to text analysis to provide product-related feedback to the user. To this end, not only will existing methods be further developed, but completely new methods will also be implemented. An exemplary new method is the automated recognition of product characteristics. The project work will culminate in the creation of a software for product monitoring as a stand-alone product or as a new functionality of an existing product.

The project is divided into four work steps:

  1. identification and connection of sources for the extraction of product information

  2. processing of texts with regard to product information, especially the recognition of product characteristics and their evaluation in texts

  3. preparation of the information, e.g. normalization of product designations

  4. integration of the components into a demonstrator for the AI Marketplace