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Usage data analysis

The IoT makes it possible to integrate product data from all phases into the PLM in order to design the product creation more efficiently. In order to better serve the market, the integration of customer-specific usage data is also feasible. By analysing such user profiles, requirements and customer behaviour can be better understood. The analytical procedure helps to find product concepts in order to increase the benefit for the customer in a targeted way by covering the requirements in a holistic way. The concrete objective is to use the customer or usage data for decision support in the context of market analysis/segmentation so that future developments can be designed in a more customer-oriented way and segment-specific features and functions can be integrated.


Strategic product planning


Start 30. March 2022

Partner selection 20. July 2022

Deadline 14. December 2022

Desired AI skills
  • Features Extraction
  • Clustering
  • Regression
Challenge details

  • Artifacts
Typification Name Format
Input CRM Data
Input Usage Data SVG
Input Service Reports PDF