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Identify requirement conflicts at an early stage

In the product development process, a large number of requirements are placed on a product. It can happen that there are conflicts between requirements. A simple example of this is the following: an automobile should have good acceleration and be economical at the same time. These conflicting requirements are not always as clear-cut as in the example given. If they are identified early in the development process, the product design can already be optimally adapted to these requirements. Time-consuming and costly changes to the product are thus prevented. The goal of the AI solution should be an automated analysis of the requirements documents regarding conflicts. Identified conflicts are highlighted so that employees can rectify, resolve or take them into account at the earliest possible time.


Product development


Start 30. March 2022

Partner selection 14. June 2022

Deadline 19. October 2022

Desired AI skills
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Text Mining
  • Information retrieval
Challenge details

  • Artifacts
Typification Name Format
Input Product requirements
Output Requirement conflicts