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Categorisation of product requirements

When specifying the system, requirements for the system arise at various points. These are, for example, taken from the project description or derived from the system use cases. Often these are modelled directly in tools, such as Requirements Diagrams in SysML. Accordingly, the requirements are described with model elements, which in turn contain texts and properties. Conditions can be structured according to different criteria, for example, system-level, assemblies, functional or origin. Due to a large number of requirements in the development of complex systems, it is, on the one hand, time-consuming to structure the conditions. On the other hand, several people carry out the structuring, which can lead to inconsistencies in the structuring.


Product development


Start 17. June 2022

Partner selection 30. June 2022

Deadline 22. September 2022

Desired AI skills
  • Data Mining
  • Clustering
Challenge details

  • Artifacts
Typification Name Format
Output Structured requirements model List


Target: Suitable categories are to be determined based on inventory data. The existing requirements are assigned to predefined textual categories.